Offroad Motorcycle servicing. (MX, SX, Mini, Trail, Leisure)

Maintaining and servicing your motorcycle is essential to ensure you bike is kept in a good working order, and allowing you to enjoy time on the bike – instead of being “that guy” whos bike keeps breaking down.

Below are some of the many services we provide. Call us for any questions regarding services provided.

  • New bike set up, chassis grease and check over,

  • Basic or comprehensive service.

  • Pre Purchase Inspections.

  • Checking Valve clearances.

  • Replacement of: 

    • Top End, Bottom end parts etc.

    • Wheel bearings.

    • Swing arm bearings.

    • Linkage bearings.

    • Steering head bearings.

    • Brake pad .

    • Discs.

    • Chain and sprockets.

    • The list goes on.

Suspension servicing and revalving

We can help with your suspension needs from a simple oil service, replacing fork seals and bushings, to revalving and replacing springs to suit your weight and type of riding. Full range of services below.

  • Basic bike set up

  • Seal and bushing replacement

  • Changing suspension fluids

  • Fork and Shock Revalving

  • Bladder conversion kits.

  • Low friction Piston bands

  • Fitment of springs (heavier or lighter)

  • Supplying and fitting aftermarket components 

Tyres, parts and accessories

We can source a range of genuine, and aftermarket parts - you ask and well sort it for you.

  • Plastic Kits.

  • Chain and sprockets.

  • Grips, handlebars and levers.

  • Wheel sets.

  • Tyres and tubes.

  • Engine parts.

  • Suspension parts.

  • Oils and oil filters.

  • Spark plugs

  • Graphic Kits.

  • Seat covers.

  • Fan kits.

  • Anodizing and coatings.